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PPC Web Ads

This is the one of most popular option when advertising your network, products and website with detailed statistics available, PPC Ads are visible to all members, with strong anti cheat protection, only one click per member is paid and much more.

Ads deliver proven results for advertisers seeking the lowest price for a specific number of targeted visitors directed to their website, landing page or application: PPC advertising options starting for as little as $2.00

This ad solution offers exceptional brand awareness and users will experience maximum exposure to your product.

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Login Ads

These Ads shown to the members after they login to their accounts. Advertisers site link and its link are shown in a splash window, We allow Facebook Page, Full Banner and website ads.

Login Ads counts, not per view or per login of members, but it will stay per week or per month with unlimited views.

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Banner Ads

Banner Ads are the most popular ad format for online advertising. There are now more advanced options, but there’s still a lot to be said about the reliability and simplicity that this format brings.

Boost your brand / business awareness and attract more valuable clients with highly effective targeted banner ads, featured all over office panel of our website.

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Text Link Ads

Text Direct Ads have a lot of hidden potential, with their greatest feature being the sheer flexibility on offer. A big advantage is that an advertiser doesn’t need to create a banner or promo materials. They only need to provide a title, description and landing page URL (Web Link).

It is purely an effective method of driving traffic where you need it most. Sit back and let our system do the work for you to publish your Text Ads. This is a niche solution that can bring about fantastic results.

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Video Ads

Want to boost your video views, let us do the job to deliver your video advertisements to our thousands of members, we will place your video to our office member panel modal windows pop up, this will give you 100% sure views from our visitors and members for guaranteed audience anticipation.

This featured will available soon!

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