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Absolutely Yes! Free Account can earn by Clicking PPC Ads and from Direct Referral Upgrades

Yes, Free Account can request Withdrawal if they reach $10 minimum amount.

Before can request withdrawal you need to reach minimum $10 for Earning Balance.

Yes, Your personal information will never sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Personally Identifiable Information. Please take time to read our Privacy Policy. Click here

Yes, You must 15yrs old above and have a valid ID if needed.

Yes, You can create as many as you want under your name, but you need to use diferrent username each account.

NOTE: Please do not abuse Free Account, We have the full rights to suspend or terminate any account that abuse our Product/Services. Please take time to read our Terms and Condition

Yes, This will cost you $2 for processing fees. You need contact Support Team.

You need to submit all the details below:
Current Name:
NEW Name:
Type of ID:
ID Number:
Reason of Change:
Please Scan and attached your ID.

No, we never allow to change your username to our system. Sorry Juan!


The amount of ads is entirely dependent on the advertisers and will vary on how many advertisemets approve/publish on that day.

Logging into your JuanAds account more frequently should avail more ads to you as you will find ads from smaller advertisers before they are consumed by other members.

Yes, As of now PPC Ads view only Image and Facebook Page, website ads are temporary disable. If you are using Tablet or Smartphone for viewing PPC Ads this is absolutly fine since JuanAds UI is mobile friendly.

We plan on adding a Andriod Apps and iOS Apps for better viewing of PPC Ads in the future.

You can earn from $0.001 upto $0.01 per Ads, and earn upto 50% of your referral clicks (upto 5th level).


Log into your account. On your main screen once logged in, you will find your own personal referral link listed or click Promotional Tools at the rightside menu. Send your referral link to potential referrals. If a new customer is brought to through your personal referral link, you are credited with that person as a personal referral.

Advertise your referral URL on Social Medias or other ad networks. Some members have reported great success with Facebook or other Advertising websites.

You should also visit our Facebook Page and Official FB Group to learn more on how other members get more referrals

Visit this page to find out more: or Watch our video tutorial to our YouTube Channel

Yes, If your account is Premium you can earn upto 5th level of your Premium Referral Clicks. For Starter Account you can only from your Direct Referral Clicks

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